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Erich Dezoeten

While Erich was earning a Master's in Geology from the University of Kansas, He came to the difficult conclusion that he couldn't pursue the path of becoming a petroleum geologist anymore. In his words, "My soul was telling me too strongly that it was not the right path." It was then that he decided to change course and become a personal trainer. He chose personal training because he had suffered from injuries that kept him sidelined from playing soccer. Soccer was Erich's life and he loved to play. He thought it was a tragedy that no one should suffer and he wanted to help decrease suffering in others by helping to prevent these injuries. He didn't want anyone to have to suffer inactivity. Now Erich devotes his life to helping people get health so they can be free & strong enough to do what they want or enjoy.

Erich enjoys the outdoors- hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, bicycle touring, learning, eating energizing food, strength training, movement exploration, spiritual practices & growth such as meditation, plant medicines, journaling.

  • Weck Method Level 1
  • Masters in Geology from the University of Kansas

Favorite Joke:

"A pun, a play on works, and a limerick walk into a joke"

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