Feeling Discouraged? Here Are Some General Life Benefits Of Getting In Shape

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Bigger muscles, increased aerobic capacity, six-pack abs, trimmed fat – regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, chances are that you’re aware of what bodily changes occur after months and months (or even years) of consistent exercise. That being said, it’s hard to embrace or even realize any of these positive changes because getting in shape with a weight loss program takes a great deal of time and effort. If anything, after a long period of being sedentary, the only main thing you’ll notice after spending some quality time at the gym is that your entire body aches.

Our Southlake Fitness Center Encourages You To Stay Moving

Of course, the pain and hard work that you’re putting in now serves as an investment in your future health, physically and mentally. This post is intended for those who are feeling discouraged about their fitness journey, frustrated after putting in weeks or even months of consistent exercise and seeing little to no results to validate their efforts. At ProCore Fitness, our Southlake gym respects the hard work and dedication that our gym goers put in day in and day out, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help changes lives and improve people’s health for life.

So, without further ado, our fitness center in Southlake is going to look at a number of overall life benefits that come with getting in proper shape. If this post motivates you to get you moving, we encourage you to check out our fitness programs or request a consultation with our certified personal training coaches! Let’s get started.


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Metabolic Health Benefits of a Weight Loss Program

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), people who are physically fit tend to suffer less from metabolic issues like Type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is typically characterized by things like high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, excess belly fat and low high-density lipoprotein (the “good” cholesterol). So, the more exercise that someone does regularly (safely and within reason, of course), the less chance they have of developing these health problems.

Supporting Your Bone Strength

Osteoporosis is typically associated with aging, but consistent physical exercise into your 40s, 50s and beyond can help prevent or delay the onset of this bone condition. With osteoporosis, your bones progressively start to become more fragile, and fractures are more likely to occur. As you continue to age, staying active and exercising doesn’t have to involve running several miles or strenuously lifting weights, either. Even brisk walks, light dancing and easy weight training are all weight-bearing exercises that force your muscles to pull on your bone, encouraging your bones to become stronger in order to handle the stress. Though accidents happen and things like hip fractures tend to be fairly commonplace with the elderly, keeping your bones strong through regular exercise can help reduce the risk of fractures.

Encouraging Discipline In Other Areas of Your Life

We’ve all been there, right? Going to the gym – forcing yourself to go to the gym, should we say – is a valiant act of discipline. After all, you’re subjecting yourself to something that you don’t really want to do, but know that you should. Now, the concept of discipline applies to school, work, your social life, your dietary choices, financial responsibility, and so forth, going way beyond just physical exercise. However, establishing a good exercise routine and sticking to it will eventually pay off, and the rewards should encourage you to stay focused and disciplined in other areas of your life.

Everyday Movements Require Less Energy Exertion

If there’s any reason to whip yourself into shape, it’s so you can show those three flights of stairs who’s boss on your way into work. Maybe that’s not the greatest example, but our point is that getting in shape, generally speaking, will make those everyday tasks and movements just a little more effortless. From spending twenty minutes trying to find where you parked at the new shopping mall to simply getting up from your desk to use the restroom, your improved resting heart rate will assist you in all of your day-to-day endeavors. Trust us.

Enjoying Good Mental Health

Getting in shape is obviously great for your body on a physical and physiological level, but did you also know that consistent exercise is good for your brain, too? It’s true; even the Harvard School of Public Health agrees. They say that regular exercise boosts your mood and can also potentially help reduce depression. Additionally, people who are more in shape may have less trouble falling asleep (and staying asleep) at night. Another benefit of staying active as you age is that exercise can potentially help prevent a decline in overall cognitive abilities.

Life a Longer, Healthier and Better Life

Longevity – that’s the word we were looking for. Wouldn’t it be nice to do the things you’re able to do now when you’re in your 50s, 60s, 70s, and so forth? Though you might not be able to do them as intensely, committing the rest of your life to staying in decent shape will help you enjoy more longevity and an overall great quality of life. Who wants to end their “meaningful” years too early, becoming bedridden or chronically ill in the process? We apologize if that comes off as insensitive, but the human body was built to get more mileage out of it than many people do, so to speak. Enjoy the one life that we know we have for certain!

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Getting in shape, let alone staying in shape for life, is easier said than done. With the right personal training coaches and ever-encouraging support by your side, ProCore Fitness can and will help you live a happier, healthier life. So, why wait? Learn more about what makes our fitness center different or feel free to contact our Southlake gym to get started!

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