Health Coaching: Our Kick Start® 28 Day Program

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Am I a Kick Start Candidate?

If you are between the ages of 18 and 80, and you are ready to permanently lose weight, you would make an excellent candidate. Under the guidance of your Balanced Habits certified Food Coach, you will receive a 28-day road map. This document provides you with recommendations on how to eat and reach your health and fitness goals.

What Does the Kickstart Program Include?

First of all, you will sit down for a Kick Start orientation with your health coach. Each week, you check in with your coach for an assessment, food coaching, and any recommendations for reaching your goals. Not only will we provide you with easy, delicious recipes and weekly menus, but we will also help you make a grocery list. You have the choice of attending 2 small group fitness classes with other Kick Start participants each week, or you can work with a personal trainer two times a week.


What to Expect with our Weight Loss Trainer in Southlake TX

Under the guidance of your health coach, you will set and achieve goals and feel inspired and motivated to make lasting changes. By working out with other Kick Start members, you will feel supported in your weight loss journey and be held accountable for your actions. With the help of your health coach and the comradery of your fellow program participants, you will surround yourself with encouraging people and make new friends.

Your Results

As with any fitness program, individual results may vary. You will feel more confident as your clothes begin to fit you better. Throughout the program, you will become more educated on how to optimize your own personal health.The supportive atmosphere of the program combined with the education will provide you with the knowledge you need to continue losing weight. This program is about more than just losing weight; it’s about feeling your best as well. If you continue to apply the knowledge you learned and remain proactive about your fitness, you will keep the weight off.

If you are ready to feel more energy, sleep better, and feel more confident, our next Kick Start session begins September 15. Contact ProCore Fitness today to learn more. Our health coaches can help you obtain the results that you’ve always wanted. You only have one body, so take charge of your health today.

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