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Let’s face it: it takes discipline to work out. Following a long day at the office, you may be tempted to stay at home and watch Netflix instead. What if you worked out with a group of 5-7 other like-minded friends?

Working out is way more fun with friends than simply running on the treadmill alone. You’ll feel more motivated to attend your fitness classes knowing that your friends will be sweating along with you.

At ProCore Fitness in Southlake, we love holding small group fitness classes to motivate men and women to take their workouts to the limit. Here are some benefits of group fitness classes:

Physical Benefits

Chances are, you will feel more physical benefits from working out in an exercise class than you would working out alone. First of all, you are less likely to slack off when you are surrounded by other people working out. However, you might not go the extra mile when working out alone because you feel that nobody is watching you.

Also, our experienced, licensed fitness instructors design a total body workout for each class, which you may not be able to replicate yourself. Regular exercise also helps reduce the likelihood of injuring yourself, which is always a perk.


Even when you would prefer to spend your afternoon sitting on the couch and watching Game of Thrones, you are more likely to attend your group fitness class instead. Nobody holds you accountable for your solo workouts, but your fellow workout buddies and fitness instructor might be asking where you were when you missed a workout.


A group fitness class provides you with more structure than the workouts you perform alone. All classes include a warm-up, a total body workout, and a cool-down session. It’s easy to skip through the warmup or cooldown when working out on your own, but your fitness instructor will simply never do this.

Raising your heart rate and loosening your joints and muscles, your warm up prepares your body for the rigorous physical activity of your workout. Cooldowns often include some stretching and will safely lower your heart rate.


Have you ever walked into a weight area in a gym and had absolutely no idea how to use the machines or free weights? When working out with a group, you’re provided instructions on proper form and execution of different exercises. Proper form prevents you from injuring yourself during a workout and it also helps you benefit better workout results.

Your group workout buddies simply add an element of fun to your workout that you otherwise wouldn’t experience exercising alone. Fitness classes can be a great way to meet like-minded new friends.

Are you and your buddies ready to embark on a fitness journey together? At ProCore Fitness, we offer small group workouts that last 50 minutes. In our heart rate-based interval training classes, you can burn between 500 and 1000 calories in one session. Our small gym provides beginner to advanced level fitness classes for our members. Contact ProCore Fitness today to get started.

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