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It’s not uncommon for your weight loss journey to be extremely frustrating. You’ve probably tried a variety of different diets, all claiming to be different and more effective. Maybe you even lost some weight temporarily, only to gain it back.

As far as fitness goes, you’ve tried a variety of different programs, such as fitness boot camp, cycling classes, barre classes and more. Initially, these programs may have energized you, but life seemed to get in the way and you stopped attending the classes. If you found the class to be torturous on your body and soul, maybe you simply quit altogether.

You want to lose weight for a variety of reasons, and the biggest one is for your health. Being overweight is linked to a variety of different health problems. You want to feel better and improve your quality of life, and it certainly doesn’t hurt for your clothes to fit you better. How can you release that extra weight for good?

Hire a Weight Loss Coach

Let’s face it; many personal trainers have quotas to fill and are juggling the fitness programs of too many clients at once. They can’t give you the attention you need to create a transformational life change. You certainly won’t feel empowered when you work out with personal trainers who bark orders at you like drill sergeants. There’s got to be a better way, right?

At ProCore Fitness, we have weight loss coaches to help you make the lifestyle changes to not only lose weight but keep it off. We don’t yell at you; we empower you. We’re your personal cheerleaders and encourage you to push past the beliefs holding you back. That doesn’t mean we won’t hold you accountable; we’ll gently push you to reach your fitness goals.

The Approach of Our Weight Loss Coaches

All the exercise in the world won’t get you the results you’re looking for if you don’t change your diet. Eating healthy foods is not enough; you need to eat the right portion size as well.

That said, diet is only one portion of the weight loss puzzle. Exercising helps you shed pounds and will make you feel better. Whether you’re a corporate executive or a busy mom, you’ll notice an increase in energy when you regularly exercise.

Another major factor in weight loss sabotage is your belief system. Do you have any beliefs that are holding you back from making permanent changes? Some people may be emotional eaters and turn to food for comfort. If you recognize any self-sabotaging patterns, you’re more likely to engage in them in the future. Whatever the case may be, our weight loss coaches can provide you with helpful guidelines to break through your barriers.

Our Weight Loss Program

At ProCore Fitness, you’ll work directly with your weight loss coach to help shed any extra weight. Our program includes personal training, a weekly nutrition coaching session with a certified food coach and two to four group training sessions a week.

We can help you make meaningful lifestyle changes through exercise and meal planning. Better yet, we’ll teach you how to eat healthier without resorting to bland, extreme diets. We honestly believe if you’re not successful, we’re not successful either.

Our health and fitness coaches will work with you every step of the way so you feel inspired to take the necessary actions to create a lasting transformation. If you’re thinking about implementing a major lifestyle change, you may feel overwhelmed. You don’t have to do it on your own, and our Southlake weight loss coaches are here to help you. Contact ProCore Fitness today to get started.

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