Kelli Huston, Fitness Instructor

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Kelli Huston

Kelli is an energetic, outgoing, athletic and adventurous kind of gal. She has been working as a fitness coach for almost 11 years. Being an athlete her entire life (softball, volleyball, and just recently, golf!), she has enjoyed living an active lifestyle. She doesn’t like being physically limited and doesn’t like seeing others being limited physically either (whether from weight issues or injury.) With this in mind, Kelli loves to join people on their fitness journey and help them maximize their body’s full potential through her fitness coaching. She finds true joy in helping people feel better overall and/or accomplish goals they didn’t think possible. She brings energy, excitement, a positive attitude and passion for fitness to the ProCore Fitness team!

The Boring stuff:

Bachelor of Science in Art



Cooper Institute Biomechanics of resistance training

TRX Certified

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