5 Keys To Fitness Success

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Staying healthy and getting fit is about more than just dropping a couple of pounds so you can make an appearance at the beach this summer. While short-term goals are great for keeping your motivation up, you must look at your fitness and health plan as a lifestyle change that will be maintainable in the long term. Instilling the following 5 principles will support your efforts and make your fitness goals more manageable through the long haul.

  • Set your kitchen up for success: Stock your kitchen with healthy organic foods so you only have the right options to begin with and you will avoid making unhealthy selections just because you are hungry or rushed. Weight loss nutrition includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nonfat dairy, nuts, seeds, and fish or lean poultry.
  • Meal Prep: All successful fitness plans require execution of a proper nutrition plan. Planning out your meals a day in advance and taking the time to pack them is crucial. I highly recommend cooking large quantities of food on Sundays or the night before. Try cooking extra lean protein on the grill or using a crock pot to prepare meals the night before, then the following day you have your lunch ready.
  • Get enough sleep at night: A recently published research done on overweight men and women showed that those who got at least seven hours of sleep , consumed a low calorie diet and exercised lost more body fat than those who got less sleep but he same amount of food and exercise. The ones who slept less (around 5 hours a night) also reported more hunger at night.
  • Drink plenty of water: Water is integral to almost all the functions of the body. Without the proper amount, you are putting constant stress on the body. Water transports nutrients consumed to cells in the body. For your body’s cells to be healthy and function correctly, you need proper nutrition/nutrients, and water transports these nutrients to them.
  • Life-Proof your plan: Despite clear-cut goals and a dedicated workout schedule, it’s easy to get off track. Sometimes work and family gets in the way. And sometimes fatigue, sickness or injury is the culprit. But rather than letting life’s little surprises set you back, you must modify your schedule and workouts. This might mean prioritizing your workouts in the early morning or during your lunch break. Remember, some movement is always better then none at all, thus a quick 15 minutes of movement will get your closer to your goal than doing nothing at all.

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