Why You Need Your Own Fit Fam

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Why You Need Your Own Fit Fam

Why You Need Your Own Fit Fam 

The other day I went to my local gym—the big box type…I greeted the front desk guy with a
hearty “Good Morning Brock!” 
He looked kind of dumbfounded because clearly, he didn’t know my name.
I’m not going to lie, it was an awkward moment, especially because it seemed like I was the one
who actually felt stupid.
Call me crazy but I think knowing peoples’ name is important. 
It says, “I see you, I’m paying attention, I recognize your individuality and that you’re not just
lost in the crowd.”
I say all that because, I can’t stand seeing a face in our PCF gym home without knowing the
name and story of the person behind it.
You too, likely want to know the people who are working their tails off right alongside you in
your classes and sharing your space.

Am I right?

Having a sense of fellowship and belonging gives you all the feels when you are in an
environment of likeminded people who share your goals and passion for health.
Being part of a fitness community has major benefits besides just the familiarity of knowing the
names and faces of the people who are struggling through those jump squats with you, or who
give you a hearty fist bump at the end of class.

 In addition to enjoying the workouts, the camaraderie is what makes you want to come
back for more.

 Working out with your fit fam helps you stay motivated and can add an element of
purpose and sometimes healthy competition. Come on, you know you like to see your
name next to those numbers on the screen…

 You get to meet some amazing new people who may end up becoming lifelong friends

 On your good days, you will be able to cheer yourself and others on, and on the days
when you are not feeling it, your fellow classmates will hopefully encourage you!

 A community brings diversity, accountability, and fun!

This last one is important. I know some of my own clients have shown up for class because they
knew their absence would be noted by their fellow workout buddies.

Plus, it’s always more fun to workout with people you actually like.

Listen, anytime you can increase your enjoyment through fun exercise, you’re far more likely
to stay committed to it. Consistency is SO important when it comes to hitting your fitness goals
and if you like the workouts, the people, and the variety of exercises, you are going to stay
engaged, accountable, and committed for the long haul.
When you have this sense of community, you are likely going to be more interested in
participating in activities like our new outdoor rucking group, going on an international
adventure like the Incan Trail, or attending one of our in-house events to train for a good cause
like our Pounds for Pups Challenge.

Things that create a sense of belonging and joy in the pursuit of health add so much more to
your fitness journey than just hitting a PR in the gym.

I was born in Boston in the 80’s so I grew up watching Cheers (pronounced “Chias” if you’re a
native). It was on all…the…time, which means the theme song was on…all…the…time.
You want to be where everybody knows your name…
Let me clear, this nutrition coach is not telling you to go find a place to down a pint, but rather to
celebrate the places you go where everyone knows your name. Your gym home and the members
of your fit fam keep you coming back because you love it, the people, the benefits, and the
certainty that the feeling is, in fact, mutual.
We love you and we’re glad you’re here.

See you in the gym,



Rachel Johnson

Performance Coach/ ProCore Fitness

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