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  • How to Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time

    How to Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time

    You’ve probably set a goal in the past around losing weight or perhaps building some muscle. Most likely, you’ve also experienced the frustration of working hard and eating right but not seeing the level of success you were hoping to achieve. Maybe your progress was slower than you’d hoped or worse, there was no noticeable change. You’re not alone. Just about everyone has experienced the “WTF” (What the Fitness!?) effect. It’s frustrating, discouraging, and demoralizing. The worst part is that those reactions make the problem worse. You might be thinking, “How could my reaction make the problem worse?” And that would be a good ....

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  • One Big Reason You're "Not Losing Weight"

    One Big Reason You're "Not Losing Weight"

    We’ve all been there, you’re doing everything right, you’re watching your eating, exercising regularly, you’re even drinking more water. You walk into the bathroom to weigh, full of optimism, only to find you’ve gained weight… AGAIN! That’s when you think “Screw it, I’m going to Whataburger.” You probably wish you didn’t know what I’m talking about, but the odds are you do. In almost 15 years in the fitness industry, I’ve seen more people derailed by this phenomenon than I care to remember. And who can blame them? When you’re working hard, making sacrifices, and staying disciplined, you expect to see ....

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  • How to Increase Your Motivation

    How to Increase Your Motivation

    Motivation is the driving force behind everything we do. The root of the word “motivation” is derived from the Latin word “movere” which literally means “reason to move.” Whether you choose to go to the gym, or start making healthier choices when it comes to your eating habits, or perhaps deciding to organize your home or take care of your yard, motivation is what gets you moving and keeps you moving toward your goal. Taking the initiative to build a habit or start a project requires more than a “just do it” attitude, it requires a genuine “reason to move” i.e., motivation. Motivation is not an inherited trait, it is a ....

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  • Fitness Tip: Schedule Your Priorities First

    Fitness Tip: Schedule Your Priorities First

    TOP FITNESS TIP: THE F3 TRINITY You’re a “normal” person. If I was to ask you what the most important things in your life are you’d probably answer with what I call the F3 trinity. Fitness, Family, and Friendship. Conversely, if you’re a normal person your health and relationships are the first things to be forced out of your schedule by competing priorities. If we all agree that these are the most important things in life why is it so many of us struggle to nurture our health and relationships sufficiently? This weeks Monday Fitness Focus is about prioritizing the actions you take so you can live life fully. So many of us fail to reach our ....

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  • One Scary Fact About Fitness and How to Start Exercising atHome

    One Scary Fact About Fitness and How to Start Exercising atHome

    Here’s the scariest fact in fitness. According to the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Survey, LESS THAN 3% OF PEOPLE MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOR MORE THAN 6 MONTHS. The number of Americans who maintain a healthy lifestyle is 2.7%. You might be thinking “what do you mean by ‘healthy lifestyle’?” In the survey it meant you don’t smoke, you eat healthily, you exercise regularly, and you have a body fat percentage considered healthy for your age and gender. If you’re in that 3% club which maintains a healthy lifestyle, then pat yourself on the back. If you’re in the 97.3% who struggle to live a healthy lifestyle, then this blog post ....

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  • Building Healthy Habits that Stick

    Building Healthy Habits that Stick

    iar? You’re all in on getting back in shape. You’re eating better. You’re exercising 4 or 5 days a week. You’re even juicing carrots and kale! Now that’s motivated. You’re on a roll. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, you just stop doing all that healthy stuff. You got out of your healthy new routine and before you know it you’re back to your old habits. Does this sound familiar? Probably. Why? Because habits, good and bad, have a strong tendency to take control of your life. If something is going well in your life, it’s most likely because you’ve got good habits in that area. And if something isn’t going well, ....

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  • Don't Get Sick: 5 Overlooked Habits that will Keep You Healthy

    It’s that time of year. Cold and Flu season. Getting a cold this time of year might be more detrimental to staying on course with your fitness than the Pumpkin Lattes on every corner. If you’re like me, half the people you know seem to be coming down with something. Which means if you’re not careful then you might be next. However, there’s good news. You can create a powerful immune system naturally by adhering to a few healthy habits. When you listen to “experts” on tv and radio talk about how to avoid getting sick they always recommend some new fancy solution. “Try this secret root found in the Amazon!” “Drink this tea ....

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  • Candy Parenting: What's Your Strategy?

    Candy Parenting: What's Your Strategy?

    Halloween was last week. Hopefully, you were able to moderate and avoid a sugar coma. Halloween is a great holiday for kids and adults alike. However, for parents, it comes with a unique challenge. What’s the best way to manage Halloween candy with my child’s trove of candy treasure? As a parent to be, I’m starting to anticipate these challenges and seek the wisdom of successful parents. I’ve learned that when it comes to what you do with your kids Halloween candy there is very little consensus. All parents seem to agree that there needs to be some sort of a strategy. But that’s where the agreement ends. Although there doesn’t seem to be a clear ....

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  • 4 Ways Cold Makes You Feel Better and Look Better

    4 Ways Cold Makes You Feel Better and Look Better

    Yep, it’s rainy and cold outside. Fall has officially arrived here in DFW. You probably woke up this morning and saw that the “High” was 46 degrees and thought to yourself “Unacceptable, I must hibernate.” I don’t blame you. But before you go into hibernation and start storing acorns for winter, there are a few things you might like to know. Cold weather has a TON of health benefits, here are just a few cold exposure benefits: 1. THE COLD WILL HELP YOU BURN MORE CALORIES
    According to the journal Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism scientists in the Netherlands argue that when exercise is limited “regular exposure to mild cold may ....

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  • 5 Simple Bodyweight Exrecises when the Gym Just isn't an Option

    5 Simple Bodyweight Exrecises when the Gym Just isn't an Option

    If you’re reading this blog post, it’s very likely you’re a person on the go. You’re committed to your health and fitness, but you probably get frustrated because life has a knack for screwing up your plans. You know the drill, your kid’s soccer happens to be right during your favorite small group training session, your client calls you with an “urgent” problem just as you’re walking into the gym, or you’re traveling so much this month that you became executive platinum in a week. Bottom line, $#!+ happens, and you need the tools to be successful no matter what lies around the next corner. I polled our staff of personal trainers at ....

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