Why “One-Size-Fits-All” Personal Training Just Doesn’t Work

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Right off the bat, we’ll be real: one-size-fits-all products are great. Not only do these universal products save companies money on production costs, but it makes gift giving and ordering things online a total worry-free breeze. Now, as convenient as a universal approach to fitness is, it’s also simply not realistic. Here at ProCore Fitness, as many of our long-time Southlake gym goers can testify, we use a tried-and-true personalized approach to fitness, health, and exercise, taking your unique physiology and body chemistry into account. While the end goal of trimming fat and gaining lean muscle might be shared among most people who exercise, how our Southlake gym actually goes about getting there depends on the individual in question: You!

Positively Changing Lives For Good At Our Southlake Gym

To us, it’s nice to work in an industry that we actually believe in. By working with our valued clients on a weekly basis, our Southlake fitness coaches are able to develop unique and lasting personal relationships, thereby investing our efforts and knowledge into your fitness success. Whether you’re on a mission to get back into shape after a long period of sedentary activity or you’re seeking expert coaching advice on how to exercise and gain muscle safely, ProCore Fitness is dedicated to your success. If you don’t ultimately achieve success in your fitness journey, then neither do we.

Below, we’re going to take a brief look at why our personal approach to fitness training – and more importantly, coaching – works better than a universal, one-size-fits-all approach to exercise. Of course, you have any questions about our Southlake gym or any of our services, we’d love to hear from you! Contact ProCore Fitness today.

Starting At Your Level

Whether you’re a busy corporate executive or a hard-working stay-at-home mom, everyone who comes into ProCore Fitness starts on a different level. Beginning with a clear understanding of your unique fitness goals relative to your current condition and level of commitment, we’ll continue with a comprehensive evaluation before you even start to break a sweat. Your evaluation includes a body-fat assessment, a nutrition assessment, a flexibility evaluation, various bodily measurements and everyone’s favorite (or least favorite, at least initially) – “goodbye” photos! It’s very interesting to look back on your past self after months of visiting our Southlake gym, and many of our past (and current) clients believe that this goodbye photo is motivating.

Focusing On More Than Strength and Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise and strength training are, of course, very important aspects of the total fitness experience. However, consistently exercising while eating a poor diet chalked full of fast food isn’t going to do you any favors, especially in the long-run. Focusing on your health as a whole rather than pure physical fitness, we believe that true fitness is so much more than lifting weights or running a race. That’s why we offer nutrition coaching and supplementation as well as movement flexibility and movement. By reinforcing healthy eating habits and consistently re-assessing your performance, we’re able to get a good idea of how you’re progressing. Combined with conventional resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, our main goal is to make you feel as light, fast and strong on the inside as you do on the outside!

Permanent Results That Last

There are many issues and health concerns when it comes to diet fads, and even “get ripped quick” exercise programs. Though these too-good-to-be-true fitness and health products usually offer quick gratification through rapid results, the main issue is that the results are far from long-lasting. It’s like contestants who participated on NBC’s The Biggest Loser – yes, most contestants did lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, but the unfortunate follow-up reality is that many of these ex-contestants put on half, most or even all the weight that they originally lost a few weeks to a few months after filming was completed. Yikes!

All things considered, our point here is that fitness is a lifelong journey. It’s not going to be easy, but with discipline, hard work and the right people at our Southlake gym right by your side, you can do this!

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