5 Mistakes Clients Make During Their Weight Loss Programs

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When you begin your weight loss journey, you have the best intentions. Finally, you’re ready to lose weight and get moving. You solemnly swear that you will eat healthier and start exercising immediately after work instead of bingeing the latest Netflix series.

You want to feel healthier than ever. You know that when you lose weight, you’ll reduce your risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and more. You’ll be able to sleep better at night once you’ve developed a workout routine.

Even if you do all these things, you may still have a few hurdles to jump through. The weight loss journey can be filled with trial and errors, which is why it’s a great idea to hire a weight loss coach to help you shed pounds and keep them off. What are some of the biggest mistakes our clients make when trying to lose weight?

No Goals

When setting weight loss goals, be as specific as possible. When your goals are too vague, you’re less likely to hit them. Even if your weight loss goal seems insurmountable, with the help of a weight loss coach, you can break it down into smaller, more attainable goals.

The best way to approach goal-setting is to set SMART goals:

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Attainable

R- Realistic

T- Time-bound

If you’ve ever watched the classic Bill Murray film, What About Bob, you understand that transformation begins with baby steps. Each little step you take leads you a little closer to achieving your goal.

Overestimating a Tough Workout

If you start ramping up your workouts, don’t think it’s suddenly okay to slack on your healthy eating habits. It’s quite common for people to overeat following a tough workout or to eat unhealthy foods. You’ve worked so hard already, so don’t sabotage your weight loss with poor choices. Stick with healthy foods and small portions.


Have you ever noticed how crowded your gym becomes with new customers the first week of January only to think back to its normal capacity by the end of the month? It’s pretty common for people to feel pumped about their diet and fitness program for about two weeks and then start to slip.

Keep your efforts consistent. Don’t slack off on your weight loss routine once you start seeing the results, or you’ll end up gaining it all back. Our Southlake weight loss program will help keep you on track because it includes weekly one-on-one meetings with your nutrition coach as well as personal training and small group training sessions as well.

No Support System

If you’re not surrounding yourself with people who are supportive of your weight loss efforts, it can be easy to give up. Even if your friends and family members aren’t on a weight loss journey themselves, they still need to show you some encouragement and support.

Our fitness and nutrition coaches at ProCore Fitness will support you every step along the way to empower you to transform your health. We’ll cheer you on as you hit your health goals, but we’ll also hold you accountable for your actions as well.

Our small group fitness classes are another great source for a community of like-minded individuals. You’ll surround yourself with others who want to improve their own health, and they’ll be a great source of motivation and inspiration when you’re feeling discouraged.

Trust us, there will be times when you want to give up and go back to eating your favorite junk food. When you’re feeling particularly stressed, you may be tempted to stay at home and watch the latest season of Game of Thrones instead of working out. We’ve all been there before, which is why it’s so important to push through the bad days so you can experience more of the good.

This is why it’s important to have a support system; they will encourage you to make healthy choices when you really don’t want to. Oftentimes, the hardest part about working out is showing up for it.


Women, in particular, are prone to undereating during a weight loss program. When you are working out and you’re not consuming enough calories, you force your body to store fat and you slow down your metabolism.

When you undereat, you’re also more likely to grow super hungry and binge eat all kinds of unhealthy foods. Although exercising portion control is important, make sure not to overdo it. Our nutrition coaches will meet with you weekly to ensure you stay on the right path with your eating habits. We’ll also educate you on proper nutrition so you have a better awareness of healthy eating.

Overemphasis on Cardio

Although it’s important to engage in regular cardiovascular exercise, you’ll need to build your muscles to help burn more fat. When you join our Southlake weight loss program, our well-rounded group fitness classes and personal training sessions ensure that you participate in the most comprehensive workout plan possible.

Are you ready to transform your health permanently? Contact our health coaches at ProCore Fitness. We don’t consider ourselves successful unless you’re successful.

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