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Beginning your weight loss journey on your own could be a harrowing endeavor. You’ve read up on the latest diet, which you’ve decided to incorporate into your lifestyle. You’ve pinned all your favorite recipes on Pinterest, and you’re keeping track of your food intake.

You’ve also decided to join your local cross-training gym. You compete with your fellow gym goers to work out as hard as you possibly can, but you can hurt yourself. Unfortunately, some of these gyms emphasize pushing your limits without teaching you proper form, which can lead to major injuries.

Despite your best efforts, you’re still struggling with your weight loss. You’re not alone; many people experience mixed results when they try to lose weight on their own. Each body is different and responds differently to diet and exercise. If you’re not seeing your desired results despite your best efforts, you could benefit from joining our Southlake weight loss program.

The Problem With Personal Trainers

Unfortunately, people can invest a ton of money into a personal training program without seeing the results they want to see. Personal trainers can get bogged down with too many clients and not enough time to give each one the attention they need.

Additionally, exercise is not enough if you’re looking to permanently shed weight. You have to combine the right exercise with healthy eating habits to reach your goals. The typical American diet is loaded with junk food and oversized portions. Where do you begin?

Our Comprehensive Southlake Weight Loss Program

With years of experience in the fitness industry, we’ve seen diet and exercise trends come and go. Our weight loss coaches have a thorough understanding of the methods that work long-term.

No More Cookie-Cutter Programs

Simply put, cookie-cutter programs don’t work. Each and every one of our clients has different needs and goals. Approaching weight loss from a one-size-fits-all perspective is pointless. We keep your long-term goals in mind to create the biggest impact.

Our Weight Loss Program

If you’re tired of jumping on the yo-yo diet bandwagon, you’ll love our approach to nutrition. We don’t believe in deprivation. Nobody should have to deprive themselves of all the foods they enjoy to lose weight.

We like to think of the human body as a complex machine, which is why we take a scientific approach to nutrition. Using research-driven teachings, we break down our nutrition program so that you can easily understand it. Our certified food experts will help you learn how to eat more healthy foods without sacrificing taste.

Each week, you’ll meet with your nutrition coach to track your progress and share your thoughts. Your coach will encourage you and guide you to make the best choices for your health while holding you accountable for your actions.


Our weight loss program offers personal training as well as small group training sessions. In your small group fitness classes, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who will inspire and encourage you to perform at your optimal fitness level.

Support System

When you join our Southlake weight loss program, you have an entire team to support you. If you’re not successful, then we’re not successful. Contact ProCore Fitness today to get started on a program that actually works.

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